The Fulcrum of "R"
by Brett Barry

Wow, we had an incredible worship service last Sunday with David Wagner and Josh Brady, hope you were able to attend. I particularly appreciated the way David promoted God’s authority, compassion and faithfulness in revealing our identity as sons in Christ, layered nicely between vulnerability and sincerity. (It was like a hope sandwich!) Overall, they spent several hours lifting up the truth of who Jesus is, and, thus, who we are in Him as disciples of Christ. God was glorified, the body was built up. 

Win. Win.

Later in the afternoon, as the prophetic became more personal, David was prophesying over Cornerstone and he brought up the way the “r” is highlighted in our church logo, pointing out how as he came into the building the Lord spoke to him that it was "a prophetic sign that when you come through the door there’s going to be restoration, resurrection, renaissance, revival, renewal and redemption." I smiled, and thought to myself, “Good job, David!” He didn’t know that I designed the logo, neither did he know the process behind it or it’s prophetic intent. So it was encouraging to hear that the design is achieving its mission, and that its message is right in line with what the Lord spoke to me years ago while working on it. 

I’ve been sitting on the back story of the logo’s meaning for over seven years now, wondering from time to time if or when I should share it. Since David brought it up, I believe now is a good time.

Let’s see…

As David pointed out, the “r” is clearly highlighted by both color and design, with the letter being encased in a rectangle (stone) and emphasized by three brightly colored circles above it (the Trinity, and circular because I believe God’s signature is a circle - earth, planets, rainbow, elders around the throne - for He is at the center of all that exists). So, it is indeed making a proclamation. But what, specifically?

When I began looking at the word Cornerstone from a design perspective, I noted how there are 11 letters, with the R sitting central as a beautiful fulcrum upon which all else perfectly balances. This piqued my interest, prompting the question, “What is special about the letter “r” that would make it unique as the fulcrum point? Is there anything in this, Lord?”

Psalm 118:22 states that Jesus, the stone which the builders rejected, is become the head of the corner, or chief corner stone - the foundation and cornerstone of God’s new creation, His Church. 

And Isaiah 28:16-17 says,

“See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line…” 

What made it possible for Jesus to become the Cornerstone of the Church? His right standing before God as a sinless, spotless sacrifice; our righteous redeemer, victorious over the cross through oneness with the Father!

He is righteous, holy, the ultimate authority, the originating word and the final word…and the list goes on. But it’s His righteousness that is central to His authority—the plumb line of truth. Without it, there is no redemption, no renewal, no restoration, no reunion… OK. I’m getting ahead of myself. 

If Jesus had given way to sin, He would have forfeited becoming the chief cornerstone. So the fact that “r” is the fulcrum point within Cornerstone is incredibly significant because Christ’s righteousness IS the center upon which all else hangs.

So, Corne[r]stone: 11 letters, with Christ’s righteousness residing at the center.

Interestingly, the number 11 can symbolize disorder, chaos and judgement. Biblically, it also has the meaning of transitions and the fulfillment of prophesy, as in, the 11th hour. Beautifully, however, in the word Corne[r]stone, the righteousness of Christ resides at the center, bringing perfect balance, order and symmetry to all things. Furthermore, the center number of 11 is 6, the number of man. There again, apart from Christ’s righteousness, man is a central contributor to disorder and chaos. But, with Christ as his Cornerstone, he becomes the aroma of salvation, an ambassador of God’s righteousness with the holy ministry of reconciliation. 

With Christ at the center of our lives, everything finds its God-intended order.

The Lord began speaking about the "r" in Corne[r]stone. Once I wrote down “righteous,” other “r” words began to flow. At first they came to mind one after the other and in no particular order,. Eventually I had 40+. Once they were written down, I tucked them away, but would ponder them from time to time.

Then one day as I was looking over the "r" list, I noticed something peculiar: as in all things of God, there are layers of order. And, when I saw it, I realized the words when placed in order map various aspects of God's redemptive process for His church, beginning with: 

  • Who He is (followed by) 
  • How His righteousness transfers us into His kingdom of light (followed by) 
  • The forging of our identify in Christ as we grow to maturity (followed by)
  • The effect our relationship with God has upon the world as we overcome darkness and walk in oneness with Him (followed by) 
  • Our glorious reunion at His soon return

So here's what the "r" in Corne[r]stone represents, as per the above order:

  • righteous, royal, resounding revealer, resplendent redeemer, restorer
  • reclaimed, reborn, renewed, righteous, redeemed, restored, realigned
  • renamed, refined, redesigned, resolved, refreshed, replenished, revered  
  • resolute, ready, refuse, refute, remove, renounce, rekindle
  • rebuilt, relate, regard, return, render, reconcile, reunite

There are more, but I limited the list to the above 35, outlining God’s holiness and the different aspects and impact of our identity as sons as we mature. 

So, next time you see our logo, you can now answer the question, “What does the “r” stand for in Corne[r]stone?” Absorb them; in Christ, become them.

Be blessed, Cornerstone family. 

May we be reminded of God’s goodness, power and faithfulness to us as we follow Him through 2017.