Sharing Your Faith
by Brett Barry

Philemon 1:6: I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ (NIV)

The other day I had one of “those mornings”, exceedingly tough. The culmination of a number of pressing things required some pretty focused wrestling to overcome a rather intense heaviness.

During M-W of this particular week, Erin and I were attending a 3-day educational workshop for several hours each afternoon. So, we arrived about 20 minutes early that Monday and were waiting for the class to begin. I was still feeling such unrest from the morning’s wrestling match that I asked Erin to pray for me, that I would not come across as stand-offish to anyone. 

Upon arrival we had talked briefly with a lady Erin knows and who was in another classroom preparing for a session she was going to teach—she too was struggling with a number of real-life challenges, which she briefly shared with us. We chatted for a few minutes then Erin and I went into another room to pray. As we began, Erin felt we need to go back and pray for her friend, so we did. 

Though I really didn't feel like praying for someone else in that moment, I knew I was supposed to.

As we gathered and paused, I waited for a moment to listen to the Spirit. I felt His prompting to began by simply affirming what I believe by faith (and know by experience) to be true about the Almighty God we had each given our lives to; who He is, how He is, what He wants and does for us…and the glory of His goodness began to flood over my weariness. 

Interestingly, I had wrestled a lot already that morning in prayer. But it was as I began praying for her that my breakthrough actually came, and I was ministered to—deeply.

Here’s the kicker:

As I began intentionally aligning my perspective and confessing Truth, out loud, on behalf of someone else, my personal heaviness was overcome by the weight of that very confession—In that moment, the Spirit of Truth took my opponents to the ground, all of them...and my victory was complete…for that round. For, certainly, they will come again.

For the rest of the day it was difficult to hold back the tears of awe due to my increased awareness of God's incredible goodness, faithfulness and uplifting presence. God is who He claims to be, and we are who He claims us to be. May we practice the discipline of sharing His presence as we walk intentionally and increasingly in the revelation of this reality. 

If you're struggling today, tell someone about the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

It’ll do you good. 

If you're on top of the world today, tell someone about the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

It’ll do them good.