I Bow Down
by Brett Barry

During our June corporate time of waiting in prayer, I heard a couple lines in my Spirit: "At the end is the beginning, at the beginning is the end." As I pondered these and asked the Lord about their meaning, the following poem unfolded:

At the end is the beginning
At the beginning is the end
At the bottom is the top
At the top is the bottom

At the end of myself
Is the beginning of hope and love
At the beginning of You
Is the end of fear and regret
At the bottom of Your feet
Is the top of this world
At the top of this world
Is the bottom of my knees

I bow down

May we first bow down in reverent, holy fear before our God, and then rise in resolved and unwavering confidence and loyalty to our right and responsibility as His very sons through Jesus Christ our Lord.

On His side,


I Bow Down
by Brett Barry
© 2017 Brett Barry Music