Emergency Preparation

Emergencies happen. Sometimes we see them coming, and sometimes they occur abruptly through natural events such as ice storms, earthquakes, personal injury and so on. Our response during an emergency can directly affect the outcome for both ourselves and others. 

On the practical side of any emergency is the challenge of remaining calm. And that ability is usually directly proportional to how well we are prepared. Those who gain emergency training and develop even a basic plan tend to do better in crisis situations than those who have not. Without a plan in place, things tend to fall apart very quickly.

To whatever degree life-threatening emergencies occur, we are thankful that Scripture instructs us not to fear the hardship they bring; that God is with us, that He uses hardships to grow us, and that He has gone before us and will provide in each situation. We also understand that His provision often comes through one another; servants operating in love, faith, wisdom and perseverance, sometimes under the most demanding of conditions. The latter part is so important that Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive!

Whether in good or hard times, being prepared both spiritually and physically to the best of our ability equips us to make better decisions, to live and give as God instructs, and to do so with calm resolve. Knowing we've responsibly done all we can, we are then able to stand to the glory of God as He moves on our behalf.

One of the best ways we can give to others during hard times is by learning how to manage our daily needs in emergency settings before they happen. So we are providing a series of emergency preparation workshops and invite you to join us.

General Topics of Discussion

  • Bug out bag items practical application.
  • How to use the items in your BoB. Demonstrations
  • About bugging out and bugging in.  
  • When to bug out and when to stay home? Location?
  • What foods to store? Nutrition information during time of crisis.
  • Taste Datrex Bars - Highly concentrated food bars
  • Financial tips
  • Heat source, Alternative power source
  • Water purification and storage
  • More new topics to be included as time allows

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