Connect Groups

Connect groups, or home groups, help us connect with one another at the personal level. In today's fast-paced, social media-driven society, many are more connected yet simultaneously disconnected than ever before. We interact largely in bits and pieces, utilizing fragmented thoughts and quick exchanges, all the while sharing fewer and fewer meaningful, face-to-face encounters. And yet, we were created for community - to experience life's journey together! We need one another!

Ultimately, Connect Groups help us build significant relationships with God and one another, while providing a socially engaging atmosphere where we can introduce others to Jesus and His body.

Current Cornerstone Groups: Contact the Office for more info (301) 631-0969

  • Jesus Bible Fellowship - Eric & Linda Lucas - Every Other Tuesday

  • Central Frederick - Gregg & Ethel Taylor -2nd Friday Every Month

  • South Frederick - Ravi & Sathya Attota - 2nd Friday Every Month

  • Hagerstown - Mike & Beth Kugel - 2nd Saturday Every Month

  • Ft. Washington - Jim & Barbara Potts - Every Friday

  • Young Adults - Chris & Lexy + Alex & Ruthie - Last Friday Every Month