Beloved Youth

Every Wednesday 7pm      |       Grades 7 - 12

We represent a generation called out. set apart. desperate. hungry. sick of religion. captured by Jesus.

The world, and all it offers, is unworthy of us.

There is but One worthy of our affections, our dreams, our hearts. He is our BELOVED and we belong to Him.



You Have a Purpose!

"We love Jesus and we love young people. We believe each one was created with purpose and destiny; and our passion is to help them find out what that is. My wife and I have been involved in Youth Ministry for over 15 years and one of our greatest joys in life is seeing young people encounter the life-changing love and presence of God. Our desire is to reach, train, and equip this generation to follow Jesus and be a light in their community. Every week, during our live worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship, we seek to create space for each young person to encounter Jesus and His Holy Spirit in a way that impacts them forever. I encourage you to come check us out! We aren't your typical youth group but we are real, genuine, and would love to get to know you."

- Nick Frey / Director