by Paul Black

I have been receiving daily encouraging words from Chad Camasta. They are from a woman by the name of Vana Vawser. Chad emailed this word to me yesterday and I felt it was a great follow-up to all that Randy DeMain had shared with us this past weekend. My hope is that it will bless you as much as it blessed me. Enjoy...

"I had a vision today where I saw many of God's people in a land called "waiting". I saw some standing pressing in, in a deep level of contending, some were sitting resting from the battle and others were lying face-down exhausted and needing the touch of beautiful Jesus.

I felt the Lord say to me "My people in this place are in different positions and places but see they have remained in the land of waiting on Me and not giving up. Even the ones that are exhausted and face-down are still positioned before Me in expectancy of a great move of My Spirit in this season which has already begun. The rain of refreshing is about to get heavier."

I then saw angelic hosts being released on the decree of the Lord and they were descending into this land of waiting and I noticed that they were holding fishing rods in their hands.

I saw them land on the bank of a river labelled "forgotten and lost" and they sat down and began to fish. They weren't sitting there in hope that they would catch something but they sat there with confident expectation and conviction that they were going to catch that which they were sent to get.

I noticed that the "bait" on the end of these fishing rods were little jars labelled "Faith and Prayer" containing the declarations of the Word and prayers that the people of God had prayed over what was lost and forgotten from even decades upon decades ago.

The Word of God was moving forward now releasing the shift and signs of breakthrough, accomplishing that to which it was sent to do. (Isaiah 55:11) I saw the wind of the Spirit blowing all around these angelic hosts and I heard the Lord whispering to them exactly where to place these rods and they were suddenly "catching and hooking things".

They began to pull to the surface things that had been lost and forgotten by the people of God and instantly I was surrounded by the sense that these were angels of recovery moving on the leading of God, to minister and bring recovery to God's people.

Even things that many of God's people had sowed declarations and prayers into years and years ago that they seemed to have 'lost' and forgotten, they were now being recovered by resurrection power.

As one thing after another was being recovered, I saw the Lord blow on each item and as He blew on them His breath released divine upgrade onto the very thing that was lost or forgotten.

Not only were many things that were lost and forgotten being recovered but they were being released back to the people of God covered in UPGRADE.

The Lord is going after the things and people (prodigals) that have been lost and forgotten. His breath is blowing upon these things and not only are they being recovered and returned to God's people in this season, but with divine upgrade and extension!

What many had given up on and thought was 'over, lost and gone' is going to see the sudden resurrection power of Jesus released upon it and bring it back to a place of recovery and life! Dreams, desires and promises are being awakened by the resurrection power of Christ."

Vana Vawser