The Shroud of Tourin
by Paul Black

This past season of Passover, I had been asking the Lord to reveal something new to me that I had never before understood about the sacrifice, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. He led me to study and research the “Shroud of Tourin” and “The Sudarium of Oviedo.” I have no reason to believe that these things are frauds or fakes. DNA testing gives strong evidence to their authenticity.

After His resurrection, the scripture says that Jesus showed many “convincing proofs” (Acts 1:3) of His own authenticity. Jesus is alive and modern science is proving this by those who are examining the artifacts He left behind.

After sharing my discovery with the congregation, a few of you came to me and told me about Ron Wyatt, an archeologist who has searched the Holy Land for decades. He discovered the “Arc of the Covenant” in the early ‘80’s. I am including a Youtube clip for your perusal., ; this one is 19 minutes long.

If you have a little more time, I have included ; this one is 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Both are phenomenal. 

What does all this mean? The Lord told Daniel that many things would be hidden until the end times. It seems the longer we get away from a historical event, the more we treat the event as a story and lose the impact of its reality; our lives are no longer impacted by the event. The more reality we see in an event, the more it impacts us.

Jesus is alive, the death, burial and resurrection are real events that should impact our lives on a daily basis. Since Jesus conquered death, should we not be able to trust Him with the details of our lives? And to Him should we not dedicate the whole of our lives? He is worthy!